Unitree Robotics

UNITREE ROBOCITS, established in 2016, promoted robots to the global market in 2017. Unitree was one of the earliest manufacturers of quadruped robots in the world, and an outstanding pioneer in the marketization of global high-performance  quadruped robots who is fully committed to promoting mobile robots to truly enter people's lives.

With self-developed core components, motion control algorithms, robot perception system, and other self-developed technologies, Unitree Robotics has cooperated with a number of top universities and industry-leading technology enterprises. It not   only provides customers with technical support such as software development and mechanical programming, but also helps customers configure a lot of external equipment. Quadruped robots have been used in many application scenarios such as   security inspection, ground exploration, and detection. At present, hundreds of brands are equipped with Unitree quadruped robot, and many application areas such as petrochemical, security, electric power and education use the mature product   solutions and technical support of Unitree Robotics.