Experimental Demo Session

This session will highlight small portable experiments that conference participants have developed for education or research purposes. Each presenter will have access to a monitor to share videos or other information and a table to display the experiment. A curated list of the educational experiments will be archived as an open resource for other instructors. Presenters of accepted demos must register for the conference at either the student or regular registration rate. Note that there is no paper associated with an experimental demo. 
Please submit a one-page abstract of the experiment that includes a description, and an image or schematic, of the experiment. Identify if the experiment is for education or for research purposes. Abstracts submitted for educational experiments should describe the fundamental concepts being demonstrated or explored, as well as sample experiments or projects that could be done with the experiment. Abstracts submitted for research experiments should describe the topic of research, capabilities and functionalities of the experiment, and types of research data that could be collected.  The creation of a short (less than 3 minute) video describing the experiment and linked to in your abstract is encouraged.
Submissions are made as an “Experimental Demo Session” in PaperPlaza: https://css.paperplaza.net/conferences/scripts/start.pl
Submission deadline: March 10, 2023
Decision notification: March 17, 2023
Final abstract deadline: March 31, 2023