Program Committee Members

Al Janaideh Mohammad
Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University

Amini Reza
Naval architecture and marine engineering, University of Michigan

Borhan Ali
Cummins Research and Technology

Chen Zheng
Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston

Dey Biswadip
Staff Scientist, Siemens

Fleming Andrew
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, The University of Newcastle

Ghasemi Amir
Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science, UNC Charlotte

Hahn Jin-Oh
Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park

Hota Ashish
Electrical Engineering, IIT Khargapur

Jerath Kshitij
Mechanical Engineering, UMass Lowell

Kiumarsi Bahare
Electrical and Computer Enginering, Michigan State University

Liu Changliu
Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Mou Shaoshuai
Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University

Sharma Nitin
Biomedical Engineering, North Carolina State University

Simani Silvio
Department of Engineering, University of Ferrara

Spurgeon Sarah
Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London

Thein May-Win
Mechanical Engineering, University of New Hampshire

Vasile Cristian-Ioan
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, Lehigh University

Vrabie Draguna
Chief Data Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Lab

Wang Yue
Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University

Yu Xi
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of West Virginia

Yu Kaiyan
Mechanical Engineering, SUNY Binghamton

Zhang Jun
Mechanical Engineering, University of Nevada Reno

Zheng Minghui
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, SUNY Buffalo

Zhou Nan

Tron Roberto
Mechanical Engineering, Boston University

Chen Yongxin
Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Tech

Dadras Sara

Kamgarpour Maryam
Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of British Columbia

Bolognani Saverio
ETH Zurich

Clayton Garrett
Mechanical Engineering, Villanova University

Fariba Fahroo

Berman Spring
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Arizona State University

Chiasson John
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boise State University

Hirche Sandra
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Technical University of Munich

Gu Yan
Mechanical Engineering, UMass Lowell

Bopardikar Shaunak
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Michigan State University

Tang Shu-xia
Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University

Woolsey Craig
Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Tech

Yucelen Tansel
Mechanical Engineering, University of South Florida

Satici Aykut
Mechanical and Biomedical Engieering, Boise State

Kim Youngki
Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan Dearborn

Summers Tyler
Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Dallas

Gao Weinan
Mechanical Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology

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